AFL–CIO constitution permits the AFL–CIO to charter and organize state, regional, local and city-wide bodies. They are commonly called "state federations" and "central labor councils" (CLCs), although the names of the various bodies varies widely at the local and regional level. Each body has its own charter, which establishes its jurisdiction, governance structure, mission, and more. Jurisdiction tends to be geo-political: Each state or territory has its own "state federation." In large cities, there is usually a CLC covering the city.

 This list covers the Central Labor Councils, Local Unions & their respective International Unions, Statewide / District Councils and the Joint Apprenticeship Training Centers affiliated with the Idaho State AFL-CIO. The local unions listed below are not ALL of the unions affiliated with the Idaho State AFL-CIO, they are only those for which we have contact information. If your affiliated union is not listed here, or if you feel you have been listed by mistake, please contact us and we will update your information.