The Idaho AFL-CIO is looking to fill the IWON Director Position, see description below.

Job closes October 31st, 2018 at 5:00pm.

Please email your resume to: [email protected]

The Idaho Workers Opportunity Network (IWON) Director will work full time to administer the IWON program in accordance with the agreement between the Idaho State AFL-CIO and the Idaho Department of Labor.

The Idaho State AFL-CIO will maintain a full-time coordinator to direct this program. 

The coordinator will develop project goals and activities and direct the project to ensure advancement of the project objectives and compliance with administrative and programmatic guidelines. The coordinator will produce informational materials, supervise financial reporting and recordkeeping, prepare and submit quarterly reports, and be responsible for the day-to-day administration of the project.  

The Idaho State AFL-CIO will coordinate this program with the Idaho Department of Labor, professional/technical schools, apprenticeship programs, local union halls, joint labor-management committees, and other organizations, as determined to be appropriate by the Idaho Department of Labor and the Idaho State AFL-CIO.


 The purpose of this project is to assist in the coordination of activity and the exchange of information between organized labor and the workforce system, represented in this agreement by the Idaho State AFL-CIO and the Idaho Department of Labor. Coordinating the activities of each party will serve the Idaho workforce by more effectively promoting Registered Apprenticeship opportunities, developing a robust State Workforce Plan under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), and providing efficient and effective Rapid Response services when needed.

  1. To coordinate the activities of Idaho’s Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee Training Centers (JATCs) and provide information and access to registered apprenticeship training opportunities as a pathway for Idahoans to obtain high-skilled and well paid careers. 
    1. To assist Idaho’s American Job Center Network in providing career services in the form of work-based training through the JATCs.
    2. To provide assistance to the Idaho Department of Labor to ensure the proper coordination with organized labor in the implementation of a one-stop service delivery network; ensuring Idaho’s American Job Center network staff, have access and information on JATC apprenticeship training opportunities and Union work opportunities.
    3. To increase participation in Registered Apprenticeships and work-based learning activities, especially among traditionally underserved populations including women, minorities, older youth, formerly incarcerated individuals, low income individuals, individuals with disabilities, veterans and foreign trained workers.
  2. To assist the Idaho Department of Labor staff in carrying out necessary Workforce Development Council Planning activities under WIOA.
    1. To serve on the planning staff for the state Workforce Development Council and the Council’s sub-committees.
    2. To provide local information and input from organized/represented workers, apprentices, and JATCs.
    3. To assist the Council in developing appropriate and effective work-based learning networks, utilizing the expertise of the most effective and longstanding providers of this type of career training, the JATCs.
  3. To provide necessary assistance to Idaho Department of Labor staff in planning and executing Rapid Response activities during Program Year 2017. Such activities are designed to provide on-site assistance for mass layoffs, closures and to avoid future layoffs throughout the state of Idaho. 
    1. Ensure coordination with organized labor and members of labor unions affected by mass layoffs and/or plant closures.
    2. Assist in the coordination of training activities when a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act Notice (WARN) is received on a closure or major layoff.
    3. Provide, as appropriate, plant closure information workshops in conjunction with joint labor/management committees and Idaho Department of Labor, and to assist in the production and delivery of materials.
    4. Identify strategies for the aversion of layoffs.
    5. To coordinate, as necessary, with WIOA service providers to ensure that potential participants receive information on the full array of services available to dislocated workers in the State of Idaho.
    6. Train peer support specialists as layoff events warrant. 
    1. Must be willing to travel regularly.
    2. Ability to work in harmony with co-workers.
    3. Ability to communicate effectively via email and phone.
    4. Must have reliable transportation and a driver’s license.