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Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School

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Training True Activists

Held each summer, the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School makes it possible for labor activists to talk and learn about the Labor movement with their counterparts from other locals, other unions and other states. The skills and knowledge provided at the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School will make you a stronger and more informed activist in your workplace. The Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School is open to union members of the eight Rocky Mountain States: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming who are affiliated with their state AFL-CIO.

The 2024 Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School will be held at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO, July 7th - 13th, 2024. Watch for more details at the GCRMLS website.

Florence Avery/Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School Full Ride Scholarship

Funding the Scholarship(s) - Additional funds for this scholarship will come from donations. Such donations will be welcomed and solicited from International Unions, Local Unions, Central Labor Councils, District Councils, and any interested Labor organizations or individuals who want to contribute to this scholarship fund.

Directions -APPLICATIONS WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2024. Your Local President or Business Manager must fill out information for nominee completely. Send application back to the Idaho AFL-CIO, 802 W. Bannock St, Ste 500 ~ Boise, ID 83702 or email to All nominations must be received by 5:00 p.m. MST Friday, March 31st, 2024

Awarding of Scholarship(s) - The scholarship shall be available to members of Local Unions affiliated with the Idaho State AFL-CIO. Scholarship hopefuls must be nominated by their Local President or Business Manager. A member’s eligibility shall be based on their Local Union’s good standing with the Idaho State AFL-CIO. The local union shall be in good standing if their per capita tax is paid to date.

Applications for nominations for this scholarship will be posted on the website no later than January 31st and emailed to affiliated local unions in good standing with the Idaho State AFL-CIO. The scholarship applications will be certified by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Idaho State AFL-CIO to ensure that the member’s local union is in good standing with per capita tax paid to date. Applications will be accepted until Sunday, February 28th, 2021 before 5:00 p.m. The recipient of the scholarship need not be present to be eligible. Recipients will be notified within one week of selection, which will take place in March 2021 at the Idaho State AFL-CIO Executive Board Meeting. Additionally, the scholarship recipient’s name(s) will be announced at the Annual Convention Banquet in June.

Method of Selection - The Idaho State AFL-CIO Executive Board will select recipient(s) of the scholarship(s) by random drawing. This selection will take place at the Idaho State AFL-CIO Executive Board Meeting in March 2021. Priority will be given to 1st & 2nd year students. Alternates will also be drawn, creating a wait list, in case one or more recipient is unable to fulfill the scholarship they received. 

Scholarship Amount – PLEASE NOTE: A full ride scholarship will pay for transportation to and from the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School site and the registration fee (which covers room and board). All travel arrangements will be made through or approved by the Idaho AFL-CIO office in advance. No expenses will be reimbursed without prior approval from the Idaho AFL-CIO. This scholarship covers airfare OR mileage depending upon which is the least expensive between the two options. If more than one student travels in the same vehicle, only one travel fee will be paid. Food per diem will only be paid for the two days of travel to and from GCRMLS - as all additional meals are provided by GCRMLS. All expenses incurred by the student/local (airfare, tuition, mileage, and travel days per Diem) will be reimbursed upon completion of school; no reimbursements will be paid in advance. The scholarship will be paid to the sponsoring local union upon the student’s completion of the school. Students receiving the scholarship will be required to be present for the entirety of the school session in order to be considered as complete (unless there are extenuating circumstances approved by the Idaho AFL-CIO).

All union members are highly encouraged to attend the Grace Carroll Rocky Mountain Labor School. The experience is unparalleled in the vast knowledge, history and background it provides to attendees!

2024 Scholarship Application

2024 Scholarship Rules and Instructions